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Ensure your hens are protected and comfortable with our premium chicken saddle, featuring adjustable cotton straps with snaps. This hen apron and feather protector jacket provides excellent protection from sunburn, cold, and aggressive rooster nails, promoting healthier and happier poultry.

Key Features:

Adjustable Cotton Straps with Snaps:
Easy-to-use snaps and adjustable cotton straps ensure a perfect fit without hurting your hens.
Feather Protection:
Guards hens from aggressive rooster nails during mating, bullying, and foraging, preventing feather loss and skin injuries.
Extra Protection in Cold:
Provides an additional layer of warmth during colder months, helping to keep your hens comfortable.
Handcrafted Quality:
Made in the UK with high-quality fabric, each apron is individually cut and sewn, ensuring superior craftsmanship.
Complete Feather Protection:
Covers the back for full feather protection, aiding in the healing of wounds and the regrowth of feathers.
Machine Washable:
Easy-care fabric allows for simple maintenance and machine washing.
Sun Protection:
Effective in protecting hens from sunburn, perfect for use in sunny climates.
Waterproof Option Available:
Lightweight with a cotton lining, our waterproof saddles provide rain protection while caring for wounds and new feathers.
Product Specifications:

Cotton, breathable and gentle on the skin, promoting quick recovery of wounds and growth of new feathers.
Hand Made in the UK
Size Guide:

Extra Extra Small chicken saddle (XXS): Width 13.99 cm, Length 10.19 cm (For Runner Ducks)
Extra Small (XS): Width 16 cm, Length 13 cm
Small (S): Width 19 cm, Length 14 cm (For Bantams)
Medium (M): Width 22 cm, Length 16 cm (For RIR, Barnevelders, Sussex)
Large (L): Width 23 cm, Length 17 cm (For Brahmas, Orpingtons)
Extra Large (XL): Width 26 cm, Length 19 cm (For Bresse and Large Chickens)
Note: Please allow minor deviations due to manual measurement. Measure your chicken before purchase to ensure the perfect fit.

These poultry chicken saddle have been tried and tested on chickens and ducks, proving their reliability and effectiveness. Check out our other listings for more chicken accessories and anti-crow collars!


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