CHICKEN SADDLE | Poultry Jacket Hen Apron Spur Resistant Waterproof WING Protect


Ensure your hens are well-protected and comfortable with our premium chicken saddle poultry jacket. Featuring adjustable cotton straps with snaps and a waterproof, spur-resistant design, this hen apron offers comprehensive protection for your birds.

Key Features:

Plastic Stabilizer: Sewn into the wings to prevent flapping and provide stability.
Sun Protection: Shields your chickens from sunburn, promoting healthier feathers.
Adjustable Cotton Straps: Easy-to-use snaps and cotton straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit without hurting your hens.
Chicken Back Protector: Guards hens against aggressive rooster nails during mating and bullying, preventing feather loss and skin injuries.
Waterproof and Rot Resistant: Made from 100% 15oz cotton canvas, these saddles are durable, waterproof, and rot-resistant.
Machine Washable: Easy-care fabric allows for simple maintenance and machine washing.
Versatile Colors:
Choose from a variety of colors to suit your preferences:

Red / Maroon
Khaki / Brown
Royal Blue
Yellow / Mustard
Green / Teal
Product Specifications:

Fabric: 100% 15oz Cotton Canvas, breathable and gentle on the skin.
Hand Made in the UK
Size Guide:

Extra Extra Small (XXS): Width 13.99 cm, Length 10.19 cm (For Runner Ducks)
Extra Small (XS): Width 16 cm, Length 13 cm (For Silkies)
Small (S): Width 19 cm, Length 14 cm (For Bantams, Hubbard Brown)
Medium (M): Width 22 cm, Length 16 cm (For RIR, Barnevelders, Sussex, Bluebells, Black Rock)
Large (L): Width 23 cm, Length 17 cm (For Brahmas, Orpingtons)
Extra Large (XL): Width 26 cm, Length 19 cm
Note: Please allow minor deviations due to manual measurement. Ensure to measure your chicken before purchase and mention the color in the message box when placing an order.

Box Contains:
1 x Chicken Saddle Poultry Jacket (Hen Apron, Spur Resistant, Waterproof, Wings Protector)

Known by many names (Hen Apron, Chicken Saddle, Poultry Saddle, Poultry Breeding Saddle, Hen Protector, Hen Jacket), this product is essential for protecting hens from feather loss caused by roosters during mating.


XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

Saddle Type

Basic, Fleece Lined, Towel Lined, Velvet Lined


Red / Maroon, Mustard, Khaki, Green, Blue


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